Thanks to Yanks

In junior year I had the amazing opportunity to work with three of my peers on a live work project. This project took the place of the “Fun Town” project that the rest of my classmates completed. Harrison Diehl, Grace Lemire, Corine Shannon, and I worked with the local nonprofit organization Thanks to Yanks that is based out of Milford, MA. They approached Blackstone Valley Tech to have students in our shop remake their website, which they felt did not accomplish their goals of driving donations and community service with their organization.

Each of us took on a role to create the website so that we would function as a team. Harrison worked as our web developer, Grace was our content editor, Corine was our web designer, and I was the team leader. My responsibilities included ensuring that everyone accomplished the tasks given to them and do so in a timely manner, communicate with Mr. Millette who would then contact our client.

It was challenging to work with this client because it seemed that they did not know what they actually wanted. They wanted to revamp their website, all while changing nothing about it. They were against changing their outdated logo, reducing their content and removing superfluous and irrelevant content from their pages. While we felt, as Mr. Millette, that all of our suggestions and edits were valid, they stopped replying to our communications and ended up staying with their old website.