Superintendent’s Dinner

Each year Blackstone Valley Tech hosts a Superintendent’s Dinner to benefit the school. Administration has a student in Multimedia Communications design the printed materials for Culinary Arts. This process begins with every student in both the junior and senior classes designing a piece to be presented to Ms. Denise, the administrative coordinator for the event. Of all the students, my work was chosen to create the final pieces with some elements taken from the piece created by a junior.

This project was by far my best experience in my high school career as far as working with clients. I had to create several iterations of each of these pieces and then present them to Ms. Denise. However, the process was generally enjoyable to receive quick and pointed feedback so that I could make the necessary adjustments for the final pieces.

The most irritating part of this project was that on the day of the Dinner, the culinary instructor in charge of the event remembered that they needed additional materials roughly a half hour before the end of the day. While I did finish the entire project on time to both mine and Culinary Art’s satisfaction, it did give me a refresher course in time management.