Star Wars Website

During sophomore year, I was introduced to more advanced web design. This included creating website layouts in Adobe Photoshop and then exporting the parts of the layouts as slices. This method of web design was intriguing, but this was the only project I used it on in my entire high school career.

We were instructed to choose any topic and create a website for it. At the time the title for the seventh Star Wars movie had just been announced, Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, so it seemed only natural for the sci-fi nerd within me to use this project to display my passions. Each page is a separate Photoshop document that contains several layers for standard, hover, and active states. Adobe Photoshop has always been one of my weakest points, and combining it with my strength proved to be very difficult, especially when dealing with spacing between text and objects that I was used to creating using the simple box model method.

While not a part of this project, I continued with this website in my spare time. This personal side project became my first experience using the in depth features of Adobe Dreamweaver, and allowed me to discover the coding necessary for creating scaling single image background for websites as I had designed in Adobe Photoshop.