Senior Project – Website

Senior project took up the majority of my time in shop throughout my senior year. My client was the underclassmen instructor in Multimedia Communications, Ms. Ellis. With her guidance I worked hard to create a new program very similar to D.A.R.E. for young students that is intended to instruct them in internet safety. When I began the project no materials, not even a name existed for the program; all I had to work with was an educational program for students that will teach them about safety for the online world. The name that I settled on was Kids Against Online Predators, which I abbreviated to KAOP (pronounced “cop”).

The largest part of this project was the website that both students and their parents could go to learn more about the dangers of the online world. The website has two sides to it, each with specific content for the target audience, either students or their parents. The parents’ portion of the website contains factual information about online safety that they could then use to reinforce what is learned in the classroom at home with their children. Among this information are stories from survivors, though the ones included here are ones that I created as placeholder text until this project was green-lit by local police departments.

The children’s side of the website is centered on an interactive game, which can be seen here. These have been separated into two distinct entries due to the fact that they have separate target audiences and goals.