Senior Project – Interactive

Senior year in Multimedia Communications is dominated by our senior project for which we work with real world clients to develop solutions for their goals. I was fortunate to work with the underclassmen instructor in the shop, Ms. Ellis, on a very real world topic for my project. With her acting as my client and someone I could reliably bounce ideas off of I developed the ground work for K.A.O.P., which much like the D.A.R.E. program is intended to educate young students of the dangers of the world. Rather than drugs though, Kids Against Online Predators is designed to educate those students on the dangers of the online world.

The large product I produced as part of my senior project was a website. This website was purposefully designed to appeal to two distinct targets audiences, and to achieve this the website has two sides, one for children and the other for their parents. The children’s section of the website is centered around an interactive game that the children can use to get more engaged with the learning process that reading facts or listening to lectures, something more geared for their parents which can be read about here.

The game was certainly an interesting and worthwhile learning process. To accomplish this, I had to figure out exactly what I was capable of and where I wanted to go. Unfortunately, these two did not align and I was forced to make concessions on my goals in order to finish the project. The two primary reasons for this are a lack of resources, and admittedly poor time management. My original goal was to create something that more closely resembled a social media site, however to accomplish this I needed to learn to use server side languages, such as PHP, which I had neither the resources nor time for. In the end I settled for this simple questionnaire interactive to provide a basic introduction to the idea of engaging students instead of simply lecturing them.