Senior Project – Comps

The senior project is designed to take students through the entire design process in a structured manner while working with real world clients to satisfy their needs.

Following the empathy and define phases is the ideation phase in which I had to develop rough sketches for the final products. After completing thumbnail sketches, I moved on to creating more in depth comps to show where I intended the individual items to go. At this point I still juggled exactly how certain parts were going to look or function, and many of the final products ended up being a combination of these sketches, while others were exact digital recreations of what I had sketched out.

I enjoyed this planning phase of the project, and it was refreshing to move away from research and understanding the target audience to doing something creatively with what I had learned. It was challenging though to create something with practically nothing to work off of. Many of my peers had existing companies or people with existing materials so they could point out what already didn’t work and figure out ways to fix this. KAOP, Kids Against Online Predators, had nothing in existence, not even a name. This created a difficult challenge, but one that I thoroughly enjoyed taking on.