Raygun Magazine

In order to be a good designer, you need to know the rules of design; to be a great designer, you need to know when and how to break them. Raygun magazine is the embodiment of that notion. First published in 1992 with its last issue in 2000, it was a rock-and-roll magazine that focused on breaking the traditional.

For this sophomore project we had to select a band or artist and then create a cover and two magazine spreads following the style of Raygun. The band I chose was the American rock/metal band Chiodos. I focused on mainly using pictures of the entire band and making them seen “nontraditional”. On the cover and second spread I used lyrics from the band’s songs to compose the text on the pages. The first spread only uses place holder text as it would be where an article about the band would be placed.

My only regret looking back is that I wished I had created more original graphics than I did. In my junior and senior year I began to truly enjoy using Adobe Illustrator to create graphics. Incorporating more original graphics that implemented my modern simplistic style I feel would have made the piece more interesting and much better overall.

In the end this project was very enjoyable getting to experiment with breaking the rules of design while still working to maintain a sense of unity throughout the pieces. While it is something I look back on and wish could have been different, I also recognize that the experimenting I did on this project became the foundation for much of the work I would go on to do in my junior and senior year.