Product Catalog

This senior project was a culmination of the layout design skills that I have developed over the past four years. For me this project was actually extremely enjoyable from choosing images to use, the majority of which were taken off the Dick’s Sporting Goods website, to selecting the colors for the table of contents and page headers. While I enjoyed the project, I found it cumbersome to actually layout all the items, as when I started I assumed that it was fifty individual items with unique pictures, so I had not anticipated needing space beneath the images for multiple item numbers. This resulted in me needing to use a smaller font than I would have liked for the project; however, when I printed the project the item numbers were still legible. Color choice was very enjoyable though. I selected a grey at first to use as a background base, and then after looking up more inspiration on Google Images, I used Adobe Color to create a more vibrant but still modern color palette.

One of the requirements was to incorporate ten of our own photos into the catalog. In my opinion, this took away from what I had accomplished in my catalog. Photography has never been one of my strengths in shop, causing me frustration and disappointment with the quality of the images I was able to produce. My photos also detract from the gestalt of the entire piece with their inferior quality and lighting.