As part of the infographic poster project in junior year we were required to select a topic and create a poster that illustrated at least ten facts about the chosen topic. Being the geek and nerd at heart that I am, I chose to do a visual comparison between the Star Trek and Star Wars universes, entitling my piece Star Trek vs Star Wars: a Guide for the Uncultured. My target audience of the poster was the parents who try to connect with their children over these acclaimed franchises, but fail to differentiate between them.

This was the first project for which I had an opportunity to use a drawing tablet. At first it was very challenge to work with the tablet since I never received any formal instruction in how to use one. In the end I found the device extremely useful, and I was able to make much more fine adjustments than I could with a mouse.

Towards the end of the project I began having difficulties with spacing. The poster was required to be tabloid size, and having all the graphics laid out as I wanted took up a large amount of space. The chaotic and haphazard pattern was intended to mirror a chart between neighboring star systems.

Star Wars vs Star Trek Infographic
Star Trek vs Star Wars Infographic